Francis Kilkenny, USFS RMRS
Beth Newingham, ARS
Corey Gucker, GBFSE
Sarah Barga and Jeff Ott, USFS RMRS



The SEEDS for Restoration Project represents a team of researchers and managers using a co-produced master study design is the framework that will:
• Coordinate and leverage new and existing resources with local agency field offices without encumbering local ESR or BAER funding, staff time, or priorities.
• Design, implement, and monitor innovative experiments that evaluate and compare seeding practices alongside regular ESR and BAER treatments.
• Evaluate novel seeding practices, such as varied seed mix compositions, seed sources, seeding rates and timing, site preparation techniques, and post-seeding management to expand the restoration tool kit and broaden knowledge on achieving restoration goals.
• Holistically monitor and analyze treatment effects and outcomes within relevant environmental contexts, from soil to climate, to determine which treatments impact ecosystem function most.
• Rapidly adapt future experiments and treatments based on early findings, leading to true adaptive management practices that can be implemented across the landscape.


This project is focused on installing one to two experiments on burned sites within the Great Basin each year. The pilot project was installed on BLM lands burned by the South Tom fire west of Boise, Idaho.